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Light Dark


  • Added: 05.05.2024 13:02
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Platform: L2J
  • Server language: English
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Type: Normal
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: online (last checked: 2 hours ago)
  • Website: https://l2-prodigy.com/
  • EXP Rate: 100
  • SP Rate: 100
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 1
  • Save Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 27
GM shop
NPC buffer
Global GK
Custom zone
Custom weapon
Custom armor
Offline shop
Exp: x100
SP: x45
Drop: x1
Adena: x150
Custom Features

Custom Armor Set: Epic Dark Knight Sets | Kamikaze Sets
Prodigy Set: Apela Set
Custom Weapons:Kamikaze Weapon | Epic Weapon
Mordor Weapons:With poison in critical damage
Accesory:Epic Mask | Epic Shield | Epic Accessories ( 6 accessories with little bonus status
Epic Cloaks:Cloak Protection P.Def +500, Iron Will M.Def +500, Balance P. Def/M. Def +250
Enchant system

Safe: +3 | Enchant Max Weapon Max: +27
Normal Enchant 58%
Blessed Enchant 65%
Safe: +3 | Enchant Armor & Jewel Max: +12
Normal Enchant 40%%
Blessed Enchant 50%

• Interlude Client 100% Working.
• Starting Level: 20 with 10KK Adena.
• Main Town: Strip Mine (Shopping zone. Here u can fing all our custom NPCs.).
Farm Zone

Abandoned Coal Mines:. Level 78-80 (Drop from mobs is Adena, Seal Stones | • Here you can find also 3 custom raid bosses. |
Party Zone:. Drop Craft Item
Epic Zone: Gondor Level 87-90 (Drop from Gondor Guards is Adena, Seal Stones and Little chance for Epic Weapons | • Here you can find also 5 custom raid bosses with respawn time 12h
Epic Zone: Mordor Level 87-90 (Drop from Mordor Guards is adena, Seal Stones and Little chance for Mordor Weapons | • Here you can find also 5 custom raid bosses with respawn time 12h.)
Max. level: Lv. 80 and 100%
Sub Class: Free
Buffs lasts: 2hr. Special Buffs Cov, Magnus
Buffs slot: 26 + 4 Divine inspiration
Clan skill: 100% working
Olympiad System: Fully working. Period is 1 week
Epic Tokens : (Drop only from Raid bosses in Gondor and Mordor.)
Ancient Adena: (Drop from Abandoned Coal Mines, Gondor and Mordor Guards.)
Custom NPCs:

Global Gatekeeper: (Teleport to All Towns, Leveling Zone, Farm and Epic Zones.)
NPC Shop: NPC Buffer|Misc Shop |Weapon Shop| Armor/Jewel Shop
Epic Lord: (All custom items here)
Blacksmith of Mammon: (Here you can unseal your Weapon, Armor and jewels)
Merchant of Mammon:
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