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Interlude PvP x1000

  • Added: 21.12.2023 21:02
  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Platform: L2J
  • Server language: English
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Type: PvP
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: online (last checked: 1 hour ago)
  • Website: https://l2pwner.com/en
  • EXP Rate: 1000
  • SP Rate: 1000
  • Drop Rate: 1000
  • Adena Rate: 1000
  • Save Enchant: 6
  • Max Enchant: 20
Interlude PvP x1000
GM shop
NPC buffer
Global GK
Custom zone
Custom weapon
Custom armor
Offline shop
• Our Server is not a commercial Project. We engage it as a hobby and trying to do everything to keep our Players satisfyed.
• Absolutely everything can be achieved by playing.
• If you don’t like to farm or long-term character development you can get temporary Weapons and Armor in a quick way. They are as good as other items.
• Enchanting skills, the system for item repeat enchanting and Life Stone insertion is available to all Players.
• Temporary Epic Jewelry can be obtained during an hour of play on the Server. This Epic is no different from the original Epic, except that it cannot be used in the Olympics.
• In the Shop for Gold Bars everything is sold already enchanted to +20, so you need to enchant only initial and temporary items.
• You can implement a lot of classic Armor and Weapon Sets as basic equipment through modding.
• There are no clan bonuses for joining or playing the Server. All clans develop in a fair contest.
• Girls with a microphone can get a free Heroism.
• The passive LS stacks with the active one, so you can use them together. This means you can buff the active one and use the passive one as the main.
• Cancellation, Heal, and some Overlord skills are banned on Dino Island. In cause of not messine up the game for solo-fun players.
• NPCs which you can usually register with for Siege or Castle defense now can sale you temporary stuff. So, within 60 minutes after the beginning of the siege you can buy from such NPC "Squeaking Shoes", which make it easier to move around and outside the city, exept the siege zone, where they are automatically removed. There are only temporary Shoes for 60 minutes, and you can only get them from these NPCs. "Squeaking Shoes" add +170 to running speed, but significantly reduce all other stats.
• Added 9 different Tattoos with small characteristics for a more flexible PvP System.
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