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Lineage 2 Essence South East Asia

  • Added: 12.05.2023 07:48
  • Country: Singapore
  • Platform: L2OFF
  • Server language: English
  • Chronicle: Essence
  • Type: Normal
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: online (last checked: 21 minutes ago)
  • Website: https://www.astasoftgames.com
  • EXP Rate: 1
  • SP Rate: 1
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 1
  • Save Enchant: 1
  • Max Enchant: 50
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Embark on an epic adventure in the latest version of the MMORPG world, where nostalgia meets innovation. Say goodbye to tedious grinding! Our game introduces an innovative in-game auto-hunt feature, streamlining your journey through immersive worlds. Now, you can focus on what truly matters - epic quests and heart-pounding battles. Immerse yourself in not one, but two active server worlds, each brimming with opportunities, alliances, and fierce rivalries. Feel the pulse-pounding as you strive to ascend as the ruler of both domains. Will you seize the throne and etch your name in history?
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