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L2 Revenge

  • Added: 12.01.2023 21:01
  • Country: United States
  • Platform: L2OFF
  • Server language: English
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Type: PvP
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: Offline (last checked: 2 hours ago)
  • Website: https://lineage2revenge.com
  • EXP Rate: 35
  • SP Rate: 50
  • Drop Rate: 5
  • Adena Rate: 60
  • Save Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 30
GM shop
NPC buffer
Global GK
Custom zone
Custom weapon
Custom armor
Offline shop

Platform - L2PTS Files!
35x EXP, 50x SP, 60x Adena.

NPC Player buffer has basic buffs, song and dances (1 hour) Aio 2 hours

Pets/summons: Warlock, Arcana Lord, Elemental Summoner, Elemental Master, Phantom Summoner, Spectral Master are not included in buffer.

Player buffs last 1 hour (by enchanting them you can reach time of 2 hours).

Safe +3 Max +30
Weapon Enchant Rates: Magic Weapon 66% - Fighter Weapon 66%.

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Free Class Change

GM Shops up to A grade, S grade can be obtained by gathering adena, unseal them with Armor Tokens

Custom Armors [Revenge, Titanium] / Weapons [Epic]
Auction House , you can sell / buy items from other players , event augmented items with RTs [Raid Tokens].
You can press SHIFT + CLICK to monsters and check their droplists, amount and chance of each item.

Offline Shop Buffer. In order to avoid multiple boxes for selling 3rd class buffs such as CoV/Magnus/Prophecies or searching an AIO Buffer to provide you with buffs, you can now sell buffs using one of your alts and set it as offline shop.

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Server is Raidboss but also craft oriented (Solo players friendly & Clan Friendly)
Every raidboss in the Revenge world drops Raid Tokens [For armors/weapons]
Warning: Raidbosses are not soloable!
Sieges every 2 weeks:

Every Saturday: Dion Castle, Gludio Castle and Oren Castle.
Every Sunday: Aden Castle, Giran Castle and Goddard Castle.

Olympiad period is 3 weeks.
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