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Lineage 2 Shield

  • Added: 11.09.2022 21:01
  • Country: Brazil
  • Platform: L2J
  • Server language: Portuguese
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Type: Normal
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: Offline (last checked: 2 hours ago)
  • Website: https://l2shield.com.br
  • EXP Rate: 77
  • SP Rate: 77
  • Drop Rate: 7
  • Adena Rate: 7
  • Save Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16
Lineage 2 Shield
GM shop
NPC buffer
Global GK
Custom zone
Custom weapon
Custom armor
Offline shop
Spoil x17
Seal Stones x7
Life Stone drop rate x3 (you can get by quests, events, missions, clan rewards and castle too!)
Enchant Scrolls drop rate x3 (you can get by quests, events, missions, clan rewards and castle too!)
RB Drop x5
Epic RB Drop x1
Quest: x1 (some quest drop rate has been increased)

Quests modified rates
Gather the Flames x3
Relics of the Old Empire x3
The Zero Hour x3
The Finest Food x3
Yoke of the Past x3
Legacy of Insolence x3
Supplier of reagents x3
Into the flames x3
Audience with the land dragon x3
An Arrogant Search x3 (don’t need to hit with bare hands to make blood fabric, only need to kill the monsters).
Last Imperial Prince x3
An Ice Merchant dream x3
Whispers of Dream part 1 x3
Whispers of Dream part 2 x3
The finest Ingredients x3
Alliance with Varka Silenos x3
Alliance with Ketra Orcs x3
War with Ketra x3
War with Varka x3
In Search of Fragments of Dimension x3
Exploration of the Giants’ Cave – Part 1 x3
Exploration of the Giants’ Cave – Part 2 x3

Additional Features and changes
Recipes x100 (Required Skill craft lvl 9)
Nobless Gatekeeper for all players
Autolearn skills
Auto loot
Auto Augment Weapon by right click on life stone (very fast way to augment the weapon in 1 click, it will warn you when you get an skill)
Weight limit increased x10
Inventory slots for No Dwarf = 200
Inventory slots for Dwarf = 400
Skill Sweeper Festival added to Scavenger (receive to lvl 28)
Shift + click on monsters to see the droplist
FOI Works like GF chronicle (effect disappear on casting or hitting)
Mana drug (200mp per second for 15 seconds)
Offline shop (duration 5 days before being kicked).
Buff slots 24+4 (buff duration 2h, selfbuffs retail)
Max clans in alliance = 1
Alliance Leaved Penalty = 72 hours
Max clan members are 81 (41 in main, 10 per Royal and 5 per Knight), you have 40 slots for a
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