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Dark Dragon Lineage 2 - High Five - auto hunting for free

  • Added: 06.05.2022 21:00
  • Country: Germany
  • Platform: L2J
  • Server language: English
  • Chronicle: High Five
  • Type: Normal
  • Status: Live
  • Connection state: online (last checked: 2 hours ago)
  • Website: https://www.darkdragon.cz
  • EXP Rate: 1
  • SP Rate: 1
  • Drop Rate: 2
  • Adena Rate: 1
  • Save Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 16
GM shop
NPC buffer
Global GK
Custom zone
Custom weapon
Custom armor
Offline shop
The concept is based as a long-running non P2W, emulating the official server in the High Five era.
We offer players a very high quality PvP engine, a great concentration on supporting characters,
clan activities, blacksmithing and last but not least our own very high quality events.

The Best of is
implemented in game auto-farm system for FREE,
your character keep farming while you sleep or work.

So what have we prepared? Now in a little more detail:

XP/SP basic, adapted for long-term concept
drop amount and chance basic
DCoins are part of the drop
spoil 2x
Raid drop amount basic
Raid drop chance 2x
Party xp/sp bonus +20%
Manor drop 4x
Karma – specially modified for High Five and Dark Dragon concept
Quest drop +50%
Quest reward xp/sp +30%
Quest reward Adena +30%
Vitality – drop/gain specially modified for High Five and Dark Dragon concept, lvl 4 = 300%
the total maximum bonus of XP/SP is 500%
Nevit blessing system 100% work
Player loss of items after a kill chance 1% (for PK players more)

Enchant chance ~ 65-68% / safe value +4, max value +16
players can join our Enchant Lab (more info on our Discord, thread #enchant-laboratory)

Mana regeneration +50%
weight limit +100%
Subclass without quest
3 subclasses (level 40 – 80)
penalty grade – NO
you can wear any weapons and armour without penalty
augment from D grade weapons, jewels
you can use our own Life stones from level 26
Sell/Buy augmented weapons, jewels, RB jewels
High Five Raid Boss Weapons
Spirit Ore, Soul Ore weight 0
Shots weight 0
buffs duration – 20 min
buffs amount – 26
dance / song duration 5 min
dance / song amount – 16
Masterwork from Top A („Interlude“) grade above
Teleport (Gatekeepers) – free of charge


[16.07.2022] Dark Dragon Lineage 2 - High Five Update 16.07.2022

Minor Update 16.07.2022
Hello everyone, with today's minor Update it has been fixed:
- duplicate entries in the Ranking system
- table for RB Bumbalump, its function
- a reminder that this RB should be killed by summon (at least the last blow) to complete the task
- switching armour and weapons using macros
now it is no longer necessary to insert a time gap in the macro for armor and weapons
- please read on
Upcoming improvements for the next few weeks - future Updates
- teleport to RB through the community board
- can now be tested on the Franz server
- repair of the RB Helmann spawn system
- adding vitality increase after killing RB (except Kamaloka RBs)

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